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Mortar vs grout for tile

Handyman's World is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon. For example, you may know the basic ingredients of mortar or you may know that grout is used between the tiles in your bathroom. But then, when someone mentions thinset, you may not be so sure that you could differentiate between these three materials in a pinch.

32 bit floating point adder verilog code

Sometimes you need more precision than integers can provide, but floating-point computation is not trivial try reading IEEE You could use a library or IP block, but simple fixed point maths can often get the job done with little effort. Furthermore, most FPGAs have dedicated DSP blocks that make multiplication and addition of integers fast; we can take advantage of that with a fixed-point approach. This post is part of a series of handy recipes to solve common FPGA development problems. There is also a post on division and square root.

Virus check iphone free

Although it's less likely that your Apple iPhone or iPad will get infected by malware compared to a PC, it doesn't mean they are completely immune, so this list of the best antivirus for iPhone can give you the extra protection you need. Whether it's malicious websites, annoying ads, web trackers or just someone grabbing your device when you're not looking, there's plenty to be concerned about if you own an iPhonewhich is where the the best iPhone antivirus apps come in handy.

Upload to or on

It was the glitch streamed around the world. At the end of Uploadits first season streaming now on Amazon Prime Videoviewers were left with a shocking cliffhanger finale that leaves plenty of questions unanswered until Season 2 of the sitcom set in a disturbing version of our own not-so-distant-future.